About us

Email: office@lapaloma.art

Margarita Gavrielova: +43 676 7806924

Klaus Biedermann: +43 664 2026620

Mercat de L'Olivar, Palma de Mallorca, 10/2023

La Paloma (Spanish: „the dove“) represents a new artists‘ collective, consisting of the well-known and, especially in the 90s, successful music producer Klaus Biedermann, his partner Margarita Gavrielova, who is known as an energy healer and love coach, and Margarita’s mother Zoe, who has a background in art studies from her youth.

As two thirds of the collective reside in Mallorca, not only the name La Paloma but also the trio’s first publicly exhibited work is dedicated to their Spanish homeland.

While the „Butterfly“ emits a very feminine, ethereal vibration, „Mallorca“ is characterized by the original imprints of local manhole covers, reflecting the creativity and enjoyment of life of the island.